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by Jon Minnick, Associate Editor recently surveyed its readers to understand their ERP usage and needs. This report looks at those results and includes industry insights and trends from ERP systems and software vendors including: where these solutions are today; how companies prefer to have their systems hosted; the biggest challenges for ERP systems; and where the systems are headed. 

by Infor

It pays to have good ideas for new products—especially if your company can turn its ideas into new products faster than the competition.

by Infor

In technology markets, speed to market is essential—especially since product innovation cycles can often be measured in just a few months. Thin margins and volatile inventory levels mean production needs to be as efficient as possible, and complex processes need to be streamlined.

by Cisco

Challenges: • Transparency of real-time production to schedule • Actual labor costs exceeding standard costs • Understanding effects of shift changes and resource shifts from line to line • Visibility to real-time overall equipment effectiveness and line productivity and reducing production line change over time.

by EdgeWave

As the “farm-to-fork continuum” assesses potential cyber vulnerabilities in its critical infrastructure, escalating cyber security threats, advancing technologies and increasingly stringent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) cyber security requirements call for immediate action.

by Cisco

Operations where plant floors, front offices, and suppliers operate in independent silos, where managers have only hazy visibility into downtime and quality problems, and where the root causes of inefficiencies are rarely understood or addressed. To get ahead, modern manufacturers are adopting new plant architectures that enable a portfolio of enhanced and new capabilities.

by EdgeWave

Our world has been radically transformed by digital technology– smart phones, tablets, and web-enabled devices have altered the way we manage production and do commerce. At the same time, technology has enabled a new generation of criminals to gain access to information assets. In the Manufacturing sector, economic security is directly linked to cyber security, and theft of valuable Intellectual Property can be crippling.

by EdgeWave

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center 2014 data breach report, 42% of all reported breaches in 2014 have occurred in the healthcare category. The number represents reported breaches; however, many entities have not yet discovered that they have been compromised, and are thus exposing connected business affiliates to cyber threats by association.

by Exact

This whitepaper details how job shops characterized by a high mix of parts produced in relatively low volumes can take advantage of lean manufacturing principles to become more profitable and more competitive.

Manufacturers today face an incredibly volatile environment that requires a highly agile and flexible IT infrastructure. As a result, many organizations are turning to cloud computing to streamline and simplify IT while reducing overall costs.

In a world of exploding market complexity, being relevant to customers by providing the best possible customer experience and service is indispensable in growing the business. In practical terms, this means companies have to become more agile and responsive to customer needs.

In today’s quickly evolving global economy, manufacturers must contend with many issues affecting profitability.The location of manufacturing operations is one of the most basic, strategic decisions. In efforts to control production costs manufacturers have often outsourced labor intensive processes to nations with typically low wages.

Today’s manufacturers face a wider range of challenges than ever before-most notably, greater, more varied competition and the complexities of a globally extended supply chain.

Learn how taking a “Big Data” approach to traceability: 1. Gives your enterprise all the information it needs to leverage data toward continuous process improvement and operational excellence. 2. Shifts the perception of traceability from being a burden, to simply a way of doing business.

Learn about a new, unique LED-based sensing technology. Explore how it works, the scientific principles behind it, and the beam patterns it uses to offer effective detection and distance measurement.


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