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A surprising proportion of ERP implementations in operation today were purchased by managers with worries about the Y2K bug in the late 1990s.

by Infor

The use of social media concepts in business environments is growing rapidly: but to many executives, the applications and benefits are unclear.


How to plan and build an effective collaboration platform for the stringent demands of manufacturing. Learn how business collaboration is different from social media and how integrated collaborative tools serve as a knowledge management platform and help manage transactional data, speed decisions and support proactive attentions to issues.


As products, customer demands and global market pressures increase, manufacturing processes are also becoming more complex.


Take a look at 5 risks you face by not moving to the cloud.

Automotive manufacturers, and their part suppliers, are increasingly implementing parts cleanliness and contamination control programs that comply with ISO 16232 or VDA 19 standards. These cleanliness standards are typically applied to automotive parts such as transmissions, fuel injectors, power steering pumps, and fluid hoses.

by Genius Project

This White paper will be focusing on the impact people have on the successful launch of a new product and the important role the effective planning of people and the projects they serve can impact a new product’s final acceptance in the marketplace.

by Genius Project

This white paper will be focusing on the impact resources have on the prototyping stage in new product development projects and the future role project stakeholders can have on the final results of a new product’s success or failure.

by Genius Project

This white paper will be focusing on the impact resources have on new product development projects and the critical role project and portfolio management plays in providing complete visibility when deciding on your next great product idea.

by CSX Transportation Intermodal

It's a fact, 86% of shippers have sub-optimized freight in their network.* Sub-optimized freight can result in increased transportation costs, restricts efficient use of resources, and produces unnecessary carbon emission.

by Westex

The first article highlights a real-life arc flash accident that resulted in a save. Fortunately, the worker was wearing the proper PPE, including flame resistant clothing, so he was able to return to his family at the end of the day.

by Zebra

Projecting and planning are two main components in today’s product and facility lifecycle. To ease the process, three technological breakthroughs are incorporated; embedded sensors that pass information in real-time, wireless communication and Cloud computing. In this whitepaper, Zebra will help you better understand the “Digital Factory” and how these tools are used to manage your assets and more.

by Zebra

Having universally accessible data throughout a value chain is no easy feat for any organization. However, it’s key for Big Data. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes that visibility possible in real-time. Zebra will show you how to use a Cloud platform and why you need to integrate the IoT now, starting with the ability to increase information for decision-making that can elevate your bottom line and help you better understand Big Data.

by Zebra

Zebra takes your organization into the future with products that connect wirelessly, integrate seamlessly and provide wall to wall visibility. Knowing what is happening, where it’s happening and why it’s happening is key in better understanding your business’s needs, and data visibility is at the forefront of knowing those things. Let Zebra explain why now’s the time to take your Factory into the Future with real-time data.

by Hybris

This report analyzes the findings of the audit of 200 electrical wholesaling company websites and offers guidance on how electrical wholesalers can respond to the changing needs of their buyers and build robust, multi-channel E-Commerce solutions that are in line with customer expectations.


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