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In a world of exploding market complexity, being relevant to customers by providing the best possible customer experience and service is indispensable in growing the business. In practical terms, this means companies have to become more agile and responsive to customer needs.

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Manufacturers today face an incredibly volatile environment that requires a highly agile and flexible IT infrastructure. As a result, many organizations are turning to cloud computing to streamline and simplify IT while reducing overall costs.

In today’s quickly evolving global economy, manufacturers must contend with many issues affecting profitability.The location of manufacturing operations is one of the most basic, strategic decisions. In efforts to control production costs manufacturers have often outsourced labor intensive processes to nations with typically low wages.

Today’s manufacturers face a wider range of challenges than ever before-most notably, greater, more varied competition and the complexities of a globally extended supply chain.


Learn how taking a “Big Data” approach to traceability: 1. Gives your enterprise all the information it needs to leverage data toward continuous process improvement and operational excellence. 2. Shifts the perception of traceability from being a burden, to simply a way of doing business.

Learn about a new, unique LED-based sensing technology. Explore how it works, the scientific principles behind it, and the beam patterns it uses to offer effective detection and distance measurement.

3D printing is transforming the manufacturing industry in big ways. From realized design freedom to supply chain efficiencies, 3D printing is contributing largely to the recent upswing in reshoring manufacturing in North America.

This paper addresses how modern ERP solutions can address skill gaps in manufacturing by helping you recruit, onboard and retain today’s millennial workers, as well as foster collaboration and adapt to the changing needs of all employees.

Read these 3 customer cases to see how supply chain professionals can have complete visibility and control of the supply chain and alignment with the overall strategy.


Reading more than one barcode at a time is a challenging application for many manufacturing and material handling engineers. In these applications there is a need to read multiple codes of the same symbology as well as multiple codes of mixed symbologies within one field of view (FOV).

We can hardly imagine a world without barcodes. Available in various guises, barcodes continue to benefit industries that manufacture, buy, sell and distribute products.

Image-based barcode readers are rapidly replacing laser scanners in a wide range of industries including food, beverage, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, and logistics, but when considering a transition from laser scanners to image-based barcode readers many think the investment cost is too high.

What solution helped a lighting manufacturer reduce engineering change order (ECO) cycle times by 75%, a networking company improve ECO cycle times by 70%, and a digital processing business accelerate time to market by 20%? The answer?

New advancements in battery technology are having a disruptive impact on product design in the dynamic consumer electronics sector.

Change happens fast. So ask yourself: when innovation happens - will you have the right manufacturing solution in place to swiftly embrace new disruptive technologies? Learn how Arena PLM has helped clean tech OEMs develop new products and get them to market on time and on budget.

In today's social media world, news of a negative product review on the web can be spread around the globe before your damage-control team gets their boots on; because of this, manufacturers are focused now more than ever on preventing quality issues from slipping to market.


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