mcaConnect Helps Streamline Global Implementation of AX

Mon, 03/31/2014 - 9:53am

In addition to bringing a number of new companies into the fold during an acquisition-fueled growth surge, GSE Environmental also saw their infrastructure balloon to include five different, unintegrated ERP systems. The one common trait amongst these platforms was an inefficient way of sharing new or recent data. In most cases GSE was dealing with a 30-day lag time for accessing key data sets. The result was an inability to react quickly or effectively to market changes. 

Once Microsoft’s Dynamics AX was selected to replace these systems, and serve as the sole ERP platform for all of the company’s global operations, GSE saw positive results very quickly. One of the most pressing needs was the ability to manage sales and inventory data across multiple countries that deal in different languages and currencies. This global perspective has allowed the company to see and react more quickly in addressing shifts in customer demands and the associated inventory fluctuations.

Dynamics AX also provides GSE with consolidated financials (which helped tremendously during the company’s IPO) and can identify supply chain issues affecting delivery expectations. So now the necessary products or resources can be redeployed from areas where weather or other factors could inhibit shipments, to those who are ready and able to receive orders. Essentially, inventory that can be moved is sent out to customers instead of sitting stagnant.

GSE also took advantage of mcaConnect’s experience and product knowledge during the integration stage. mcaConnect’s subject matter experts and product familiarity allowed for running concurrent project teams covering operations in four international regions. This enabled Dynamics AX to get up and running on-time and within GSE Environmental’s budget.


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