Automotive Insights 3: 3D Printing Your Next Car

Mon, 12/16/2013 - 10:14am
Joel Hans, Managing Editor,

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In the first episode, we talked about some of the larger trends affecting the U.S. automotive industry. Last week, we looked into the effects that re-shoring is having on production, and whether the Big 3 would follow foreign companies into the Southeast or continue to hold on to the Rust Belt as their centers of operation.

Today, we’re bringing you details on some of the newest and most advanced technologies that are making automotive production more exciting than ever. Each of the Big 3 automakers have invested heavily in their plants over the last few years, bringing more automation on to the plant floor. GM is designing cars with 3D printing, Ford is scanning each car for paint imperfections the size of a grain of salt, and everyone is making more models on the same line.

Each of these innovations, and far more, will be the difference between success and failure through the remainder of this decade and into the next.


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