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Energy Industry Wants To Ditch 'Fracking'

January 27, 2012 9:19 am | by Jonathan Fahey, AP Energy Writer | News | Comments

The word, once industry jargon for hydraulic fracturing, has taken on new meaning over the years, and the industry wants to dump it.

Obama Looks To Mich. To Revive Clean Energy Debate

January 27, 2012 9:13 am | by Jeff Karoub, AP Business Writer | News | Comments

In urging Congress to approve clean energy tax credits, Obama cited a wind turbine blade manufacturer that received millions in government assistance.

Calif. Poised To Vote On New 'Clean Car' Rules

January 26, 2012 9:26 am | by Jason Dearen, Associated Press | News | Comments

The regulations would require a 75 percent reduction in smog emissions in new cars by 2025, and a 34 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Dril-Quip Cleared Of Gulf Spill Fault

January 24, 2012 1:20 pm | News | Comments

Dril-Quip, which makes offshore drilling equipment that was on Deepwater Horizon during the blowout, said a judge dismissed all claims against the company.

European Refiner Petroplus Filing For Insolvency

January 24, 2012 9:23 am | by Robert Barr, Associated Press | News | Comments

Europe's largest oil refiner says it well sell facilities in France, Switzerland, and Belgium due to losing $413 million in the first nine months of 2011.

Neil Young's Electric Car Company Sued

January 20, 2012 12:51 pm | News | Comments

LincVolt LLC was accused of negligence for converting a 1959 Lincoln Continental to run on electricity, which later set fire and caused damage to a nearby building.

Shale Gas: A Renaissance In U.S. Manufacturing?

January 20, 2012 12:29 pm | by Bob McCutcheon, U.S. industrial products leader, PwC | Articles | Comments

The relatively inexpensive and stable long-term source of natural gas is helping manufacturing companies expand and open more facilities in the U.S.

Ailing Petroplus Looks To Sell French Refinery

January 20, 2012 9:32 am | News | Comments

Europe's largest independent oil refiner and wholesaler said it is struggling to get lenders to unfreeze its credit lines.


Radiation, Rusty Metal Seen In Tsunami-Hit Reactor

January 19, 2012 9:17 am | by Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press | News | Comments

Radiation-blurred images taken inside one of Japan's tsunami-hit nuclear reactors showed a place scarred by 10 months' exposure to heat and humidity.

White House Makes Case For Rejecting Oil Pipeline

January 18, 2012 2:24 pm | by Matthew Daly, Associated Press | News | Comments

White House spokesman Jay Carney stopped short of saying a decision had been made, but wants more time to properly view the Keystone XL proposal.

Japan Reverses 40-Year Plan On Nuclear Plants

January 18, 2012 9:11 am | by Mari Yamaguchi, Associated Press | News | Comments

Japan is backtracking on plans formed only this month to shut down nuclear reactors after 40 years, saying that some are safe enough to live on.

Sudan Stealing 120k Barrels Of Oil A Day

January 17, 2012 2:44 pm | by Michael Onyiego, Associated Press | News | Comments

South Sudan's oil minister on Tuesday accused northern neighbor Sudan of stealing massive amounts, as much as 75 percent, of the south's oil.

Fuel Transfer Begins At Iced-In Alaska City

January 17, 2012 9:08 am | by Rachel D'Oro, Associated Press | News | Comments

Alaska has had one of the most severe winters in decades, with piles of snow 10 feet high, and cities struggling to keep the heat on.


Chevron Rig Catches Fire Off Nigeria's Delta

January 16, 2012 2:41 pm | by Yinka Ibukun, Associated Press | News | Comments

Nigeria's government believes a "gas kick" — a major build up of gas pressure from drilling — was responsible.

Electric Plants Shift From Coal To Natural Gas

January 16, 2012 1:15 pm | by Kevin Begos, Associated Press | News | Comments

The most optimistic projections describe an abundant domestic energy source that will create enormous numbers of jobs and lead to cleaner skies.

Project To Pour Water Into Volcano For Power

January 16, 2012 10:57 am | by Jeff Bernard, Associated Press | News | Comments

Geothermal energy developers plan to pump 24 million gallons of water into the side of a dormant volcano in Oregon to help boost the green energy sector.

Drop In Natural Gas Prices Aids Families, Businesses

January 16, 2012 8:58 am | by Jonathan Fahey, AP Energy Writer | News | Comments

A 35 percent collapse in the futures price over the past year has been a boon to manufacturers who power factories and make chemicals and materials with it.

Environmental Group Sues To End Arsenic Dumping

January 13, 2012 3:22 pm | by Meg Kinnard, Associated Press | News | Comments

The lawsuit against South Caroline Electric & Gas says coal burning sends "streams of arsenic-contaminated water out of the riverbank and into the Wateree River."

An American Manufacturing Movement: Competition

January 13, 2012 11:13 am | Articles | Comments

Congress should increase the number of public-private infrastructure partnerships and explore opportunities to privatize large infrastructure projects.

Scientists: Worry About Soot And Methane, Not CO2

January 13, 2012 9:18 am | by Seth Borenstein, AP Science Writer | News | Comments

An international group of scientists, whose research was published in Science, say that soot and methane cause much more harm than carbon dioxide.

Bankrupt Solar Firm Solyndra Eyes Employee Bonuses

January 13, 2012 9:09 am | News | Comments

Solyndra says the performance-based incentives will help it retain key employees whose work is critical to a successful reorganization.

EPA: Power Plants Main Global Warming Culprits

January 12, 2012 9:41 am | by Dina Cappiello, Associated Press | News | Comments

Power plants released 72 percent of the greenhouse gases reported to the EPA in 2010, with refineries taking a distant second.

Valero Won't Appeal Texas Tax Break Rejection

January 11, 2012 9:57 am | News | Comments

The energy giant had hoped for a $92 million tax exemption for equipment installed at the refineries to remove sulfur dioxide from crude oil.

Japan Plans To Scrap Nuclear Plants After 40 Years

January 9, 2012 9:16 am | by Yuri Kageyama, AP Business Writer | News | Comments

Reactors will be shut down after 40 years of use to improve safety following the nuclear crisis set off by last year's tsunami.

Delta, Lufthansa To Hike Prices To Cover Emissions

January 4, 2012 1:30 pm | News | Comments

Within days of new European rules on carbon emissions produced by passenger jets, two major airlines say they will raise fares.

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