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The Newly Designed Kärcher Scrubber — Easy To Use And Compact

Thu, 03/07/2013 - 11:33am

The newly designed B 80 W walk-behind scrubber from Kärcher (Camas, Washington) incorporates a number of carefully considered improvements that make it easier to use. The compact, narrow design makes the B 80 easy to maneuverable, and its tank’s asymmetrical shape gives the operator a clear view of the brush head. During cleaning the brush head, like the suction bar, is lowered automatically. The waste water tank is cleansed thoroughly by an automatic rinsing system without the operator coming into contact with the contents. With the Kärcher Intelligent Key system, a different profile can be set for each user, thereby ensuring ease of use. 

The B 80 W is agile and easy to maneuver in tight areas. The tank narrows toward the front, giving the operator a very good view of the brush head and enabling him or her to clean carefully to the very edge of the floor. The B 80 W’s new large color display features self-explanatory symbols that make it clear which program has been selected. As soon as the lever is activated in cleaning mode, the brush head and suction bar are lowered automatically. With the suction motor newly encapsulated, the operating noise can be reduced to as low as 61.5 dB(A), making the B 80 suitable for cleaning in noise-sensitive locations such as hospitals, hotels and educational facilities.

The brush heads are easy to remove by hand; no tools required, allowing the operator to switch cleaning heads and access to the underside for thorough cleaning. After use, the waste water tank can also be cleaned easily by means of the rinsing system incorporated in the B 80’s lid, reducing the risk of spraying the operator with dirty water. The rinsing system simply connects to a water supply and a circle of water jets in the tank lid clean the tank automatically and thoroughly. The lid can then be reset to enable the tank to be ventilated and to dry, thereby reducing significantly any risk of contamination.

The Kärcher Intelligent Key system allocates different levels of authorizations via color-coded keys. The facility manager presets parameters such as speed of travel, brush rotation speed or detergent dosage to suit the particular application. The key is used to transfer these settings to the machine, after which the operator only needs to use the rotary switch to select the desired program. This practically rules out operating errors. The B 80 W cleans in energy-saving and eco-friendly while in eco!efficiency mode, perfect for maintenance cleaning of most floorings. In this mode the machine runs at a reduced turbine power, uses less cleaning agent and works at a lower brush rotation speed, thereby cutting energy and water consumption by more than 50 percent.



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