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Electrically And Pneumatically Controlled Magnetic Grippers

Thu, 01/10/2013 - 12:13pm

Flexible solution handling metal sheets and other ferromagnetic work pieces

FIPA (Cary, North Carolina) now offers a pneumatically controlled magnetic gripper in addition to its already popular electrically controlled version. In an electronics-free environment, often found in sheet forming plants, pneumatically controlled magnetic grippers can be easily integrated. On the other hand, the electrically controlled version is particularly useful when very thin ferromagnetic sheet parts or alloyed work pieces are to be handled. Both magnetic grippers are compatible with the FIPA gripper construction kit and can be easily integrated into gripper systems.

Pneumatically Controlled Magnetic Grippers at a Glance:

  • High Process Reliability: High holding force. Keeps work piece in place, even when compressed air supply is lost.
  • Large Area of Application: Secure handling of flat, ferromagnetic work pieces with and without boreholes or cutouts.
  • High Holding Force: Up to 70 percent greater than in comparable pneumatic grippers.
  • Parts Monitoring: Optional PNP and NPN magnetic sensors available to monitor piston position.

Electrically Controlled Magnetic Grippers at a Glance:

  • High Process Reliability: Keeps work piece in place, even when power supply is lost.
  • Simple Installation: No hoses, can work without a vacuum or compressed air supply.
  • Large Area of Application: Secure handling, even for very thin, alloyed metal sheets
  • Fast Cycle Times: Thanks to compensation for the residual magnetism, work piece does not stick when depositing.
  • Energy-Saving Operation: Thanks to permanent magnets, gripper needs to draw energy only briefly when releasing work piece.

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