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Reinventing Suspension With A 'Tricycle' Design

Mon, 11/12/2012 - 10:35am

The new TriLifter Transporter, designed and patented by Mel Terry’s Intelliport Corporation, is being manufactured by Wheelift Systems, part of the Doerfer Companies (Waverly, IA). The new TriLifter Transporter is ideal for any manufacturing plant that requires regular movement of large and often delicate in-process loads in highly congested spaces, or between buildings. Terry says that the self-loading transporter uses a three-point “tricycle” configuration to provide movement of 5 to 30 tons on any type of surface.

By using a power-drive steerable front axle and two power-driven wheels on a fixed rear axle, the system is capable of self-loading using its fluid lifting suspension at each of the three points. The system can also be wireless controlled, and have positioning accuracies of less than 1/32 of an inch. All cylinders will raise and lower in unions, while the base of the load remains parallel to the operating surface.

The TriLifter is coupled with a computerized controller that calculates the exact rotation on each of the fixed rear wheels to enable tracking on the front axle. The EC includes logic to control the tricycle lifting suspension, plus a steering calculator to perform steering algorithm calculations.

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