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Wheelift Introduces New Vertical Cask Transporter Using Proven Technology

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 11:16am

Wheelift Systems Group and Intelliport Corporation (Waverly, IA) have developed the self-loading OmniLoader to safely and efficiently move vertical casks using a proven fluid suspension technology. The system was designed to move nuclear spent fuel with a system that engages the cask at the bottom, and then lifts, allowing for more efficient movement within and between storage facilities without needing to comply with single failure proofing. The OmniLoader operates on independent fluid suspension axles with air-filled jumbo jet tires, plus the company’s signature SynchroSteer system for all-direction travel over challenging surfaces. The self-loading transporter is operated remotely, thereby reducing exposure risks to operators and crew. Other features include:

  • Several inches of vertical lift and fully equalizing fluid suspension.
  • An optional fail-safe toggle system to effortlessly engage the cask from a wireless controller.
  • A proven history of horizontal cask storage applications at Constellation Energy and Exelon plants.

To get more information about the OmniLoader, or the Wheelift system, visit



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