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New PixelCam Cameras Capture Real-Time SWIR Multispectral Images

Thu, 12/06/2012 - 11:37am

Ocean Thin Films (Golden, Colorado) has introduced PixelCam™, the first commercially available “snapshot” multispectral cameras for shortwave infrared (SWIR) analysis from 700-1700 nm. The camera harnesses SWIR’s powerful imaging by simultaneously acquiring four or more standard and custom spectral bands, enabling extraction of spectral information not noticeable with panchromatic SWIR devices. This feature makes the PixelCam especially useful for process control applications.

The breakthrough to provide these compact multispectral camera platforms is combining PixelTec’s precision micro-patterned optical coating technology with robust SWIR area sensor cameras manufactured by Sensors Unlimited of UTC Aerospace Systems. High-transmission dichroic filter arrays are aligned directly over corresponding pixels in the imaging array for optimal spectral and spatial resolution. Standard PixelCam cameras come preconfigured with three and four bands, and custom cameras are available with additional application-specific bands — providing greater versatility and contrast than traditional multi-sensor devices.

At the heart of each PixelCam multispectral camera is a custom filter array integrated into a solid-state InGaAs imager with a full resolution of 640x512. Its sturdy platform provides simultaneous 12-bit Camera Link® digital and RS170 analog outputs and an external trigger. The form factor, frame rates, operating temperature and power requirements are unchanged by the passive spectral filters – enabling easy integration into handheld, mobile, and aerial devices.

To find out more about PixelCam, please visit Ocean Thin Films


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