February 20, 2015 12:59 pm | Graphic Products | Products

PathFinder, a new line of wayfinding products from Graphic Products, helps facilities organize workflow and create barriers between workers and potential hazards. The wide variety of tapes offer visual communication solutions to designate forklift zones, add traction to slippery steps, light darkened hallways, and convey safety messages when and where workers need it most. Floor marking tapes include: heavy duty, tread, reflect, glow and printable tape. Visit for more information.

LISTED UNDER: Distribution Center | Plant Signage and Tapes | Traffic Control

New QRM Series Of Rear-Mounting LED Indicators

April 11, 2013 4:35 pm | Product Releases | Comments

APEM, Inc. has announced the availability of the QRM series rear-mounting LED indicators, which can be applied to a variety of industries, such as heavy machinery or military devices. The company says the customizable products are durable and some models offer night vision LEDs, which further expands the possible applications.

LISTED UNDER: Dock Lights | Lighting | Lights & Warning Devices

Dimensionally Stable UV Curable System With A High Glass Transition Temperature

March 8, 2013 9:13 am | | Product Releases | Comments

Master Bond UV25’s most notable feature is its thermal stability, with a glass transition temperature of 186°C. It is serviceable over the broad range of -60°F to +500°F. Additionally, this material is optically clear with a refractive index of 1.55 at room temperature.

LISTED UNDER: Assembly | Coatings | Resins

Midi Parts Washer Achieves Highest Aerospace Cleanliness Standards

March 6, 2013 2:11 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

MecWash Systems introduces the Midi, a fully automatic, highly customizable, self-contained aqueous cleaning system that meets the highest aerospace cleanliness and inspection standards. Ideal for cleaning applications within a centralized layout.

LISTED UNDER: Metalworking | Aerospace

CADCAMConnect Teams Up To Offer Raster To Vector Conversion

January 30, 2013 12:01 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

CAD CAM Services, Inc. offers raster to vector conversion services for all types of scanned CAD files. Their team of professionals convert hard copy paper work to electronic format that makes archiving, retrieving, copying, editing, and sharing of the drawings easier. Once converted, the files can be easily imported into nearly any CAD system.


A Draw Batch Oven For The Aerospace Industry

January 16, 2013 12:34 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

Wisconsin Oven designed and manufactured anelectrically heated draw batch oven with a manual quench tank to solution treat aluminum rivets for the Aerospace industry. The custom solution treats the aluminum rivets by placing a basket of parts in a preheated oven to soak them at the specified temperature, and then manually opens the door and pulls the basket out onto the quench table to rapidly drop them into the ambient quench water.


Jet Edge Awarded U.S. Patent For Ultra-High Pressure Waterjet Seal Innovation

January 15, 2013 12:29 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

Jet Edge’s proprietary high pressure fluid sealing mechanism (U.S. Patent 8,333,387) improves waterjet seal life by providing robust Metal-on-Metal sealing without the use of conventional plastic seals. Jet Edge initially developed the Metal-on-Metal seal to meet the increased performance demands of its X-Stream (XP) pressure intensifier pumps.

LISTED UNDER: Testing | Fans | Pumps

Hexagon Metrology Enhances PC-DMIS Inspection Software

January 7, 2013 7:05 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

Hexagon Metrology, Inc. has launched enhanced releases of PC-DMIS 2012 MR1 and DataPage+ 2012 Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. Both software programs offer new tools and improved features for inspection and measurement applications.


Eyelit's 5.0 Release Pushes Agility Of Manufacturing Execution Systems

December 14, 2012 10:53 am | | Product Releases | Comments

Eyelit Inc., a manufacturing software provider for visibility, control, and coordination of manufacturing operations for the aerospace & defense, discrete electronics, semiconductor, and photovoltaic (solar) industries, announced today the release of version 5.0 of its suite of technologically advanced manufacturing software.


High Performance Precision Reaming With New CoroReamer 435 And 835

December 13, 2012 4:17 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

Solid carbide reamers from the CoroReamer family are the solution when high surface quality finish and close tolerances are required. With dedicated geometries and internal coolant, they deliver superb hole quality and process security.

LISTED UNDER: Machining | Aerospace

New PixelCam Cameras Capture Real-Time SWIR Multispectral Images

December 6, 2012 11:37 am | | Product Releases | Comments

Ocean Thin Films has introduced PixelCam™, the first commercially available “snapshot” multispectral cameras for shortwave infrared (SWIR) analysis from 700-1700 nm.


FEMCO Introduces 23-Station Horizontal Lathe At IMTS

September 21, 2012 9:56 am | | Product Releases | Comments

FEMCO Inc. has introduced the HL-35DMSY lathe, which uses the company's patented 23-station Durga turret. The new machine also uses two spindles with a Y-axis and 11 live tool stations.


Toolmex Introduces PH-5000 Grades For Steel And Iron Turning

September 12, 2012 11:53 am | | Product Releases | Comments

The new Paltech PH 5000 turning grades from Palbit by Toolmex incorporate a new MT-CVD coating process. The new MT- CVD coatings combine MT-Ti(C,N) and Al2O3. The coating properties are improved for coating adhesion, toughness and wear properties through microstructural optimizations and post coating treatments.

LISTED UNDER: Machining | Aerospace

ExOne Unveils New 3D Printing System

September 12, 2012 11:03 am | | Product Releases | Comments

Streamlined and sleek, the mid-sized M-FLEX system is primarily designed for manufacturing metal parts, for use in industries such as mining, automotive and energy.  Eventually, additional material sets can be printed on the M-FLEX, including tungsten, glass, ceramics and a variety of materials used for the casting industry.

LISTED UNDER: Fans | Pumps | Machining

Videojet Introduces Three New Inks

April 26, 2012 1:53 pm | | Product Releases | Comments

Manufacturer of coding, printing and laser marking products, fluids and accessories for the product identification industry, announced the launch of three new inks for its 1000 Line of continuous ink jet printers.

LISTED UNDER: Supply Chain | Aerospace


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