Photo Of The Day: Chrysler’s New Logo

Wed, 01/29/2014 - 2:44pm
Joel Hans, Managing Editor,

The rumors are true — Chrysler and Fiat have been merged into a single company under the name Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV. Along with the new name is a completely new logo, pictured below. As you can see, it removes all of the iconic imagery for both brands — Fiat’s circular design and Chrysler’s familiar pentagon-and-star.

Right now, it’s difficult to see how the new logo will be featured on the company’s forthcoming cars. Even worse, it could confuse and alienate potential customers here in the U.S., who wanted to buy a Chrysler vehicle, not a Fiat.

Let's take a walk through the history, and the merge:

Chrysler's famous "Pentastar" logo, used from 1962 to 1996:

Next, Chrysler's winged logo, used from 1996-2010:

And an updated version to go along with its "Imported from Detroit" campaign:

Fiat's most recent logo:

The merged Fiat-Chrysler logo:

Clearly, it's not exactly inspired by either company's history. What are your thoughts on the new logo? Is this the start of a new period for Chrysler, or the beginning of the end? Sound off in the comments below — we want to hear your take.


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