Tesla Bought With Digital 'Bitcoin' Currency

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 4:33pm
Joel Hans, Managing Editor,

One enterprising car buyer just bought a Tesla Model S Performance using the digital Bitcoins, an open-source currency that uses cryptography to secure and anonymize transactions between parties, from the Lamborghini Newport Beach dealership. It's a first for the dealership, and for any American dealership, and most likely for any car whatsoever. The dealership says it best: "That's right, an electronic currency was used to purchased a fully electric vehicle."

Photo courtesy Lamborghini Newport Beach

Bitcoins have been around for years, but have only recently become a big phenomenon, with prices rising mutiple orders of magnitude within the last year alone. It's enough to make one wonder if other businesses will soon be accepting the currency in order to reach a different type of consumer. With Tesla working in many states to cut out dealerships altogether, and selling directly to the consumer, it could be one more way they take the edge against all their much-larger competitors. As Business Insider reports, companies like Virgin Galactic, which will shuttle would-be astronauts into space, has already started taking bitcoins in exchange for the rather expensive tickets.

Source: Electrek



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