Scalable, Secure and Intuitive Solution Makes Cloud Both Approachable for Business Users and Attractive to Internal IT

Mon, 08/16/2010 - 4:35am
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TrackVia, a leader in Cloud-based application development, today announced the results of its recent customer survey which found that non-technical users are increasingly moving their applications to TrackVia's cloud-based application development solution because of its ease of use and increased functionality over traditional systems. In fact, even though cloud adoption to date has been primarily linked to cost-savings, survey respondents instead focused on performance, with more than 50 percent choosing to move to TrackVia for its functionality and almost 30 percent citing ease of use.

"TrackVia is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed for ease of use. Power users across a variety of industry verticals are reporting that it has enabled them to take advantage of new business opportunities with the ease of a spreadsheet," said Julie Craig, Research Director, Application Management, Enterprise Management Associates. "It definitely fills a niche, and solves a nagging business problem by enabling companies to implement a new service rapidly, cost effectively, and with a minimum of technical overhead."

TrackVia is designed for business users, letting them easily build their own applications, thereby avoiding the interpretation challenges and IT backlogs that often put business users, developers, and IT at odds. And because TrackVia balances advanced but easy-to-use data management and application development with reliable support and enterprise-class data security and control, internal IT can feel comfortable championing the product -- and clearing their busy schedules.

As validation of TrackVia's ease of use, over 86% of TrackVia's customers reported that it took less than 1 business week to go-live with their fully customized database-driven applications. Over 60% were able to build their applications in less than 1 business day. Further, even though more than half of the respondents identified on the low-end of the technical ability scale, 32 percent needed no help at all, with more than 50 percent needing only ad hoc, primarily online community-based support.

"TrackVia is the easiest to use and best supported product I've ever encountered," said Will McCusker, CEO, McCusker & Company, a warranty services consulting & development company. "TrackVia not only saves us time, it actually makes our applications richer than ever before possible."

"QuickBase, Zoho and Dabble DB weren't ready to go like TrackVia, with the powerful back end that TrackVia has. None of them were a product that a business man with my mid-level aptitude could actually integrate into his business," said Rob Holmes, founder and CEO, IPCybercrime, a full service detective agency. "In contrast, we use TrackVia to begin and operate every single case, every step of the way. TrackVia is open on all of our computers all day long."

Representing a trend of ever-increasing acceptance of secure, scalable and reliable cloud solutions such as TrackVia, almost 75% of the respondents with Internal IT resources noted that their IT teams knew about, accepted and championed TrackVia's existence in the organization.

"The cloud is an incredibly empowering canvas for non-technical business people," said Matt McAdams, CEO, TrackVia. "Over 70% percent of our surveyed customers were running stand-alone legacy applications such as Microsoft Excel, Access, or SharePoint before they moved to the cloud. Now, they have the functionality and responsiveness they need to build collaborative, secure business applications that don't just save them time and money but actually help them build great businesses. We can't wait to see what our customers accomplish next."

TrackVia delivers the promise of the cloud via rapid, secure, and scalable implementations with no upfront costs to more than 1,000 customers across the globe, spanning from small enterprises to the Fortune 500. TrackVia customers compete in virtually every vertical industry including financial services, government, healthcare, telecom, services, not-for-profit, education, retail, automotive, and manufacturing. For more customer information, go to ( . TrackVia is available for both free trial and immediate sign-up, with pricing starting at $99/month. For more information or to get started today, please visit ( .

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With more than one billion records under management, TrackVia is a leader in cloud-based application development. Its TrackVia online database and application development platform is the first solution that makes the cloud both approachable for business users and attractive to internal IT. TrackVia is designed for business users, letting them easily build their own applications, thereby avoiding the interpretation challenges and IT backlogs that often put business users, developers, and IT at odds. Based in Denver, Colorado, TrackVia has received funding from Flywheel Ventures, Access Venture Partners and other private investors. For more information, please visit ( .

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